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Taiwan Crescendo Lab Partners with Treasure Data to Expand its Presence in New MarTech Markets

LINE Account Solution Tech Partner, Crescendo Lab has entered into a Joint Solution Partner Agreement with Treasure Data, aiming to establish data solution and marketing automation support for mutual clients.

Through the API-based integration of Crescendo Lab's Messaging Analytics & Automation Cloud (MAAC) and Treasure Data's Customer Data Platform (CDP), the two companies successfully develop an effective usage of user data from LINE. Clients can expect a new level of data integration, which is ingesting and activating LINE data via CDP, making LINE a crucial channel in the MarTech ecosystem.

As data privacy or data protection laws (GDPR or CCPA) are putting more restrictions on how to obtain, use and store data, first-party data has become unprecedentedly valuable. Considering more than 21 million users in Taiwan, Treasure Data views LINE as a dominant marketing channel. The partnership with Crescendo Lab is the first step in the development of local market. Meanwhile, Crescendo Lab's overseas business would be tremendously enhanced by Treasure Data, expecting to speed up the development in Japan and Thailand as a global AI startup company.

Treasure Data stated that Crescendo Lab's experience in serving many global brands is expected to be a promising start of their CDP's development as their very first business partner in Taiwan. As for Crescendo Lab, this collaboration represents a milestone for years of effort invested in LINE since 2017, and they believe that Treasure Data will ensure the development of LINE to be included in a comprehensive data ecosystem in Japan and Thailand.

Global Head of Tech Partnership Henry Li(Left)and Jin, CEO & Co-Founder of Crescendo Lab(Right)

Crescendo Lab reliably deliver more than 2 billion LINE messages a year while offering data analysis support and automatic marketing technologies to over 250 brands. With customers from industries throughout e-commerce, retail, media, and financial fields, Crescendo Lab's LINE API service boosted the digital transformation during the pandemic era, earning the highest local market share. Treasure Data, a leading global CDP for the enterprise, won the “Best Marketing Solution” CODiE Award from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) and was awarded the “Best Customer Data Platform” at the Marketing Technology Awards presented by ClickZ. More than 400 international companies depend on Treasure Data to unify data from a variety of online and offline sources such as web visits, mobile interactions, email, paid media, ecommerce, loyalty apps, in-store POS, CRM, direct mail, backend systems, customer service, and the list goes on.

The more data a CDP stores, the more personalized the marketing communication system can be built. With the input of AI analysis on LINE API, Taiwan enterprises can expect Treasure Data to create a true, unified view of each individual and surface actionable insights at scale.. Combined with Crescendo Lab serving as a LINE solution expert, brand customers could gain the ability to turn more data into revenue growth.

|About Crescendo Lab Ltd.

Founded in 2017, with the belief that MarTech would be the biggest trend in digital ads technology in the next ten years, Crescendo Lab devoted themselves to prove that communication app LINE can be an ideal SaaS data analytics platform with API infrastructure. Invested by well-renowned AI company iKala, Crescendo Lab has been selected as a silver LINE Technical Partner.

|About Treasure Data

Treasure Data is the only enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) that harmonizes an organization’s data, insights, and engagement technology stacks to drive relevant, real-time customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey. Treasure Data helps brands give millions of customers and prospects the feeling that each is the one and only. With its ability to create true, unified views of each individual, Treasure Data CDP is central for enterprises who want to know who is ready to buy, plus when and how to drive them to convert. Flexible, tech-agnostic and infinitely scalable, Treasure Data provides fast time to value even in the most complex environments.

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Anyu Lee

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