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Standard Solution

Easy Settings to Build Your Data Funnel

If you're just starting out with an official LINE account, our standard solution can help. You can use tags and segmented notifications to increase friend counts, find high-value users, and take the first step toward digital transformation.


Create User Profiles

Automated & Manual Tags

Through automated or manual tagging, Crescendo Lab's MAAC dashboard helps you better understand LINE users, and uses tag attributes to deliver accurate segmentation.

Segmented & Scheduled Promotions

Based on user tags, web browsing, product clicks, purchase amounts, pending items in shopping carts, and other behaviors, the dashboard forms different marketing audiences, which you can use to push personalized messages. This way saves you LINE 2.0 message fees, and means you can pre-set your brand's push notification schedule.


Successful Case


To bring their service into everyday life, RT-Mart establish consumer profiles based on "Location" and "Frequently visited branch". Users can click on "set favorite branch" in the Rich menu of LINE official account, and choose their "located area" to complete segmentation and adding tags. Users could then receive more accurate news and information. 


Useful Tags

Geo Tracking

Opened Messages Retargeting

Through user behavior tracking, MAAC offers brands the list of users who actually opened and read certain LINE messages. Advanced application could be then retargeted at people who have seen the message but have not yet interacted with it.


Through re-targeting, we can strategically wake consumers and reinforce the motivation to place orders. MAAC is the leading API solution to develop this feature.

開封再行銷 (1).png

Quickly Gain New Followers



Deeplink helps your brand know whether each new LINE user was introduced through online advertising, offline activities, newsletters, or existing users. This helps you understand each channel's customer acquisition cost, and calculate your ROI rate within the LINE 2.0 fee model.



In the dashboard, you can build referrals. Referrals use text templates to help users easily recommend that friends add your account. In return, users automatically receive rewards such as LINE Points, discount coupons, and shopping coins. This Member-Get-Member (MGM) method can effectively control costs while continuing to expand your brand's traffic pool.

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螢幕快照 2019-04-18 16.29.35.png

Deeplink Web Gadget

Through the Deeplink gadget on your official website, you can continuously lead consumers to your LINE account to consistently increase your account user value.


There are many use scenarios. You can use it with discount coupons on your product or shopping cart page; you can use tracking shipping information as an attraction and place it on the checkout page; or on special days, you can couple it with discount reminders on unique discount pages.


Maintain Favorable User Impressions

Prize Management

Through prize management, you can create any LINE marketing campaign as you wish.


With the starter version, you have the choice of Coupons and LINE Points. The coupon codes, prizes and tags can be edited, and prizes created can be widely applied in rich menu, deep link, broadcast, auto reply and customer journey.

Receive and redeem rate, and the number of prize given out can all be accessed for better understanding the outcome of the campaign.


Message Templates

Quickly edit different LINE message templates to create a total of seven combinations of images, text and video. Add richness and aesthetics to information such as product launches, interactive quizzes, and event notifications, and increase opportunities for user interaction.


Rich Menu

The Rich menu at the bottom of your official LINE account dialogue box occupies an important marketing strategy position. The MAAC dashboard helps you to freely section up your menu, and provides a page change function.


Auto Reply

Smarter than the average chatbot, it not only allows preset keyword responses, but also allows you to create questionnaires and other message interactions for users to click. It also provides automated responses to address basic customer service needs. In addition, the automated response system can set new friends to immediately receive messages when they join.


Automated Journeys

Make automated marketing a reality. Set a message once and it can be automatically pushed, thus reducing labor costs. Once users are tagged, they receive messages after a set time, such as seven days.


You can create a loyalty program, with prizes for certain levels, to encourage regular user interaction. You can also set a variety of content such as satisfaction surveys here, and send store discounts.

If you purchase advanced e-commerce functions, you can also set Google Analytics tracking, so that when users purchase certain products, they receive a product recommendation message for repeat purchase of the same, similar, or related items after a set time.


Send Time Optimization

Master the right timing to give you a head start on marketing opportunities. Through our large body of behavioral data, Crescendo Lab has proven that Push Notification Times are closely related to marketing effectiveness. Smart Send predicts the best time to send your messages based on individual user habits.


Track and Master Performance


Dashboard Performance Chart

The MAAC homepage has a dashboard to provide your brand with a comprehensive overview of user profiles and activity performance. 

Weekly Performance Report

Get a regular marketing analysis report mailed to you, to help your brand internally evaluate cycle performance and effectively plan your next steps.


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